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Turn Up the Heat this Autumn with Thermi Aesthetics

Just because the sun covers up with a few clouds and it gets a little chilly outside doesn’t mean your skin goes into hibernation. On the contrary, during the coolest time of the year is when we focus on our skin the most. While everyone else is packing on their winter layers, you’re preparing your skin for the coming months. Autumn and winter cause the skin to behave differently than it does the rest of the year as it becomes dry, brittle, thin and rough. When your cells are at their weakest point, it’s the perfect time to build them up which is why we bring you all the beauty of Thermi Aesthetics here at Coastal Plains Surgical Care. Our autumn cosmetic treatments focus on the beauty of improving skin’s texture to a silky smoothness that’s plump and radiant for the remainder of the coming months.

At Coastal Plains Surgical Care we offer four various Thermi Aesthetic treatments that are sure to make your skin look healthier than ever before. Explore each one of these noninvasive treatments before you create an autumn skin care treatment plan with your doctor. Discover the many ways we can make your skin glow through autumn and well into the summer months. The usual skin concerns we treat at this time of year are loose skin, uneven texture, and dryness. Get ahead of the game and start your skin care treatments early.

Thermi Treatments Available in Beeville

ThermiDry helps people with overactive sweat glands in the armpit area by treating them with radiofrequency heat energy that will make them inactive, so they sweat a lot less than usual. Hyperhydrosis is a skin condition that causes an excess of sweating in this area and others like the palms. After a few treatments of ThermiDry, you’ll feel the difference and recover your confidence.

ThermiRase is one of the best treatments on the market that uses radiofrequency to smooth over lines between the brows, known as frown lines. ThermiRase is also ideal for platysma bands along the neck. Our clients often come into our office looking for injectables containing botulinum toxin, but we recommend ThermiRase instead since it achieves the same goal without the use of toxins.

ThermiSmooth helps smooth over rough and wrinkled skin that premiers these early signs of aging in areas like the forehead, eyes, mouth, cheeks, and the neck. Using gentle heating to shake up old collagen threads that are responsible for maintaining young skin.

ThermiTight is one of our favorite skin strengthening and tightening treatments that recreates all damaged elastin and collagen fibrous tissue deep within the layers of the dermis. This treatment uses radiofrequency heat energy to treat compromised proteins that when in distress create wrinkles, sagging skin. Areas we treat with ThermiTight are the arms, legs, breasts, thighs, abdomen, knees and neck.

We perform every nonsurgical cosmetic treatment in our offices for the comfort and convenience of our patients. Get the full treatment and turn up the heat this autumn with Thermi Aesthetic treatments at Coastal Plains Surgical Care and schedule your appointment at (361) 354-2832.