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Dear Dr. Schlotter, Thank you for you candid diagnosis, your caring words, your honesty and sincerity. My husband, Gary, and I as well have decided against the removal of my implants for the time being. However if I ever decide to proceed with the surgery I would feel most confident in having you as my surgeon. Your kindness was most appreciated.



Dr. Schlotter, I am celebrating my 75th birthday today, thanks to you!! I never would have lasted these past five years without your skillful surgery on my carotid arteries. I also remember that you answered all of my questions and took time with me before the surgery. Thank you!



I have been plagued with thrombophlebitis since 1979. So much so, that I have been hospitalized seven times with blood clots in my legs resulting in hospitalizations for 7 to days each time and one hospital stay with a pulmonary embolism. The clots have left my legs with unsightly dark patches mostly around my ankles. Consequently over the years, my legs have had a tendency to feel very heavy, achy, tired and I couldn’t stand on them for long lengths of time. In 2001, Dr. Schlotter stripped some veins on my right leg with 13 incisions on the inside of my leg under a general anesthesia and it took me six months to recuperate. He told me then I needed the other leg done, but after I had one done, I probably wouldn’t be back for the second. He was right, I didn’t go back. Apprehensively, this January, after six years, I returned to his office because I had venous stasis ulcers on both my ankles which were very, very, very painful, and that kept getting worse as time went by and, consequently, would not heal. Dr. Schlotter prescribed several LASE surgeries, on both legs, over a period of months. I shuttered to hear the word surgery again. However, he assured me that these were new procedures that were virtually painless with only one incision and no need for a general anesthesia called the LASE treatment. Skeptical me, thinking back on the first surgery I had, I doubted that this was true. While lying on the table during the surgery, I kept waiting for the pain to begin. Approximately, 45 minutes later, when he said, “you can go home now.” I was utterly amazed that I was able to get up, walk to the car and drive myself home. There was virtually no pain and the recuperating time was minimal, at best. As a matter of fact, I returned to work the very next day. I’ve had this surgery 3 times (on different veins) and each time I’m still amazed. Isn’t technology great! Oh, and Dr. Schlotter is pretty great too. Thanks a lot!



Before my LASE surgery, my legs hurt even before I got up in the morning. By noon, they really ached. By the end of the day…excruciating. Now I am pain free. Pain free! My paternal Grandmother, years ago, had her varicose veins surgically removed with the old stripping method. She found that procedure really barbaric, with a lengthy recovery, terrible scarring, and only somewhat successful. The Laser Assisted Saphenous Endo-ablation (LASE) technique in the skilled hands of Dr. James Schlotter, proved both valuable and completely successful for me. I have no scarring and I went back to work the same day. As a hairstylist, I can now stand on my feet all day without any trouble. Oh yeah, did I mention I’m pain free? Would I do this procedure again if I had to? In a heartbeat. Would I recommend it to others in need? Absolutely! As a matter of fact, my Dad undergoes the LASE procedure soon. Sincerely and completely satisfied,



I had suffered with extensive varicose and spider veins for many years. They caused pain, swelling, leg cramps at night and black and blue discoloration. I sought treatment from Dr. Schlotter and I no longer have pain, swelling or cramps. My legs look and feel great thanks to Dr. Schlotter and his staff. They are all so kind and caring it was a pleasure to know them. Thanks for all you have done for me. I am so happy with the results.



I have had spider vein treatments with Dr. Schlotter and the treatments were very successful. His staff is friendly and warm. Dr. Schlotter is easy to talk to and interested in your well-being. I would recommend Dr. Schlotter to my family and friends.



I am 55 years old and had given up on wearing shorts due to the ugly veins in my legs. I finally decide to do something about it. After the treatments I have been nicely surprised to see the veins disappear. I wear shorts again and would do it all over again. Dr. Schlotter and his staff at Veintec-Varicose Vein Clinics in San Marcos, Texas has been great. They are all very personable and make sure you understand what is going to be done and what to expect. I would recommend them to my family and friends.



After many years of care and treatment we would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to Dr. James Schlotter and the entire staff of Finesse Surgical Solutions. We could not ask for a more in the 13 years (since 1999) we have been your patients. Dr. Schlotter your conservative approach and down to earth detailed explanations to the patient level of understanding is greatly appreciated. Albeit major surgery for a life threatening illness or a minor in office treatment it is obvious your dedication to our well being is always of the utmost importance. We have never been made to feel rushed or that our questions were insignificant. You are truly an advocate for the patient and highly approachable; a trait that is becoming of less and less important in today’s society. We talk and you listen... a true doctor patient connection. Michele you are a great office manager and are always ready to assist and explain patiently the ins and outs of the insurance maze. Always making sure we, the patients, fully understand. Never appearing frustrated or unconcerned but a feeling of teamwork customer service at its best. Nancy you are a wonderful asset. Few people realize that a first impression of the office starts with you at the front desk or on the phone. A bright welcoming smile on your face and in your voice. Accommodating and sincere when asking how we are doing. Always keeping us informed if any delays and inquiring if we need anything. A breath of fresh air. We also want to give kudos to the rest of the staff for their kindness and assistance also. You are a reflection of Dr. Schlotter and it is appreciated to the fullest. We apologize for not knowing everyone’s name but we never fail to notice your care and concern.

~Carl & Kristina