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Injectable treatments have become the go-to option in anti-aging for many patients today and with good reason. In just a few minutes of time, these procedures can effectively turn back the clock by smoothing away those telltale fine lines and wrinkles. While the results are only temporary, the ability to quickly see results without discomfort or downtime is a big advantage for many patients. At Coastal Plains Surgical Care we offer options in neuromodulator injections that include both Botox and the newer formulation Dysport, allowing our patients even more choices in their anti-aging regimen.

What is a Neuromodulator?

A neuromodulator is a medication that contains trace amounts of the botulinum toxin. This ingredient effectively relaxes facial muscles that contribute to the formation of some types of facial wrinkles, smoothing away those wrinkles in the process. These treatments work best on “dynamic” wrinkles , which are wrinkles that appear when certain facial expressions are formed. Treatment minimizes the appearance of the lines, without undermining your ability to make natural facial expressions.

The FDA has approved Botox and Dysport to treat the following:

  • Horizontal forehead creases
  • Vertical lines between the eyebrows (known as 11’s or frown lines)
  • Fine lines in the outer corners of the eyes (known as crow’s feet)

In addition, many physicians also use the medications effectively off-label to produce a non-surgical brow lift or to address fine lines around the mouth. These formulations are not typically effective for treating deep creases around the nose, mouth and chin. However, Coastal Plains Surgical Care also provides options in dermal fillers to address these concerns.

Botox was approved for cosmetic purposes by the FDA in 2002 and Dysport was approved in 2009. In addition to many years of successful cosmetic treatments, these medications have also been used in the medical arena to treat conditions like cervical dystonia, eye twitching, chronic migraines and excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). The formulations have proven both safe and effective in a wide range of treatment protocols.

Botox or Dysport?

Choosing between Botox and Dysport can be a difficult decision for some patients. After all, both medications work in the same manner and both offer results that last 3-4 months. Some patients that do not respond as well to Botox may want to try Dysport to see if their results are improved. Dr. Schlotter will also have his personal preferences, based on how he has seen both formulations work. Talk to Dr. Schlotter before your procedure to find out which treatment he recommends and why.

About the Procedure

Injections of Botox and Dysport take just a few minutes and involve very little discomfort. A very fine needle is used to inject the solution around the identified muscle, so it can have its paralyzing effect. Most patients will require more than one injection to ensure even, natural results.

After your injectable treatment, you will be able to return to regular activities right away. You will likely be advised to avoid lying down for a few hours to prevent the toxin from spreading to other areas. You may also experience mild swelling or bruising around your injection sites, which will subside within a few hours after your procedure in most cases.

Positive Results

Patients that have successful Botox and Dysport injections will enjoy smoother, natural results to the upper face and forehead. Results will appear within 3-4 days and continue to improve in the two weeks following your procedure. If you are planning for a big event, make sure you give your injections time to work fully before you hit the town. Within 3-4 months, your results will begin to fade and you will need a touch-up treatment to maintain your new look.

Is an Injectable Neuromodulator Right for You?

Botox and Dysport injections are generally recommended for men and women that want to turn back the clock but are not ready for a more invasive surgical procedure. These treatments work well on nearly any skin tone or type. The only patients that should not have Botox or Dysport include patients that are pregnant or nursing, those taking certain types of medication or patients that have allergies to any of the ingredients in the formulation. Before your first treatment, we will discuss your medical history with you to ensure the injections will be both safe and effective for you.

Botox and Dysport offer a fast, easy way to get a more youthful look. To learn more about these procedures, contact Coastal Plains Surgical Care at 361-354-2832.