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The Spooky Side of Facial Rejuvenation

Horror films have this wonderful way of building and building the point in a scene where you know for sure something’s going to pop out of the closet, or once the person turns around there will be someone peeking through their window like a ghost or something. Aging is a lot like that, and premature signs of it can resemble the scary scene in a movie because they’re a precursor to something hiding just beneath the surface of your skin. The feeling we have when we see a few light lines and wrinkles around the eyebrows and forehead is almost the same feeling we get when we see the girl in high heels running up the stairs to hide when the enemy is chasing her. You keep saying, no, don’t go up there but go outside to a neighbor’s house! and she just won’t listen.

At Coastal Plains Surgical Care whenever we provide our clients with comprehensive skin care analyses, we make sure to tell them as soon as we can that they may want to look into some facial rejuvenation techniques to slow these changes in their skin before it’s too late. Just in time for Halloween, we’re bringing you the spooky side of facial rejuvenation treatments, so you know what to ask for the next time a creepy little wrinkle appears above your brows. Also, like scary movies and spooky holidays, these facial rejuvenation treatments are for everyone not just for women but our male clients as well.

  • Boo-tox and Dysport
    Because who wants to scare their friends with frown lines? To make sure you look a lot less spooky, we want to share our favorite anti-wrinkle injections. Dysport and Botox are almost exactly alike since they’re both derived from botulinum toxin. Both of these injections are inserted into your muscle in the forehead in five different spots to immobilize your muscle safely completely. This means that your skin has a chance to relax while your muscle takes a vacation from contractions causing these lines to form. However, more clients feel that they look less rigid after injections when they use Dysport because it’s a little more natural than Botox. The only thing is that Botox lasts a bit longer, so if you would rather have fewer injection treatments then you may want to go with Botox.
  • The Silhouette Lift
    Our patients love this lift because it catches the skin that threatens to pull your face down into a sad sag. If you’re not interested in a facelift, this triple suture minimally invasive facelift does wonders for your neckline. It takes less than 30 minutes to inject the skin with an anesthetic that will make it painless, and this is then followed by three sutures that move through the planes of the neck. Your doctor will insert three sets of needles tied together with a barbed suture that will catch within the skin and tissues to give your neck and silhouette a nice lift. Talk about rising from the dead, right?
  • Scar Revisions
    Frankenstein may be a fun character in the movies, but no one wants noticeable scarring left in their skin. Dr. Schlotter will revise your scars by making small incisions in them and then closes up the scar with dissolvable sutures, so they heal over properly, and the scar is minimized.
  • Bellafill
    Bellafill is our favorite filler that will turn any ghoulish nasolabial line into the smoothest skin on your face. The best part is that Bellafill is the first ever filler to last up to five full years! If you’re looking to freshen up your smile, this is the best way to do it.

Trick or treat your way into our clinic at Coastal Plains Surgical Care today and learn more about our favorite spooky facial rejuvenation treatments at (361) 354-2832.