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The Benefits of a Private Surgery Center

Patient care is at the top of our list here at Coastal Plains Surgical Care (CPSC), because you are unique and important. Dr. Schlotter decided to create a surgical clinic that was completely private and convenient for our patients because many of them were overwhelmed with hospital check-in. He knew that our clients wanted something a little more intimate that was customizable, focused on their procedures and at the time they wanted them. There are many other benefits apart from the convenience that we wanted to share with you so you knew why a private surgery center is the right choice.

Privacy, Discretion-Customized Care and Treatment

Checking into a hospital can be a bit daunting since there is the check-in process with someone you’ve likely never met and you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings. A private surgery center will allow you the privacy you need to get your procedures done in a discreet setting. If you don’t want to share your surgical business with the world, we’re happy to make it as comfortable and quiet as possible. In a large hospital it’s all about moving along the line of patients, but in our private setting it’s easy to customize the time and procedure just for you. Get the comfort you need to ask any questions or to add things to your procedures because this time is all about you.

Specialized and Expert Staff Members

Our staff members are leaders and skilled technicians in their fields. At CPSC our team is carefully selected to enhance the current staff and to add something special for our patients’ experience. Since we’re a smaller, private surgery center, we’re able to choose the best and the most talented medical staff to make sure every procedure is done above standard. In hospitals, staff members are not always chosen for their team cohesiveness which can affect surgical times and techniques. From our front desk to the last stitch, each CPSC team member is dedicated to you. Get the personalized care you want and need with a private surgery center.

Cost Effective vs. Hospital Cost

We understand that medical costs can bog you down and hospital costs can vary depending on your insurance, how long you stay and who you see. The hospital sets pricing that’s usually different for every patient, so you never know what to expect, and there are tons of small charges added when you use their facility. At CPSC, the private surgery center allows us to set the price and make things accessible to our patients.

We work with you to set a price that you can reasonably work with as well as set you up with payment plans that help you get things done the way you want them. Your surgery shouldn’t be something you regret because of inconvenience and cost. Our cash only patients have something special to look forward to that fits their needs.

Call Coastal Plains Surgical Care so we can set you up with a customized surgical treatment plan that is convenient, cost-effective and supported by hand-selected experts at (361) 354-2832. Our surgical team is ready to get you started today.