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September is Healthy Aging Month

No matter what your age, ignore the number and look at the quality of your life. At Coastal Plains Surgical Care we meet with patients every single day that are living their lives to the fullest, and some that wish they looked younger to do it. But the truth is, you can look younger and tackle the effects of aging in your skin as soon as they start. It’s never too late to begin your skincare and healthy living regimen, men and women alike can age in a healthy way it’s just up to you to find out which is best for you.

There are so many paths to feel younger on the inside and to look refreshed every day on the surface. Dr. Schlotter lets every patient in on a few secrets about healthy aging that can get you out of your shell and out experiencing the world with confidence. Check out these healthy aging tips that work to keep your spirit young and your skin rejuvenated:

Do the Things That Make You Happy

The older we are, the more people factor into our decisions, but it’s important that you think about the things that will make you feel like yourself once again. We forget about the things we love when we get distracted with work and all our responsibilities. The happier you are inside, the younger you’ll look on the outside; people will notice the new you.

Don’t Stress About Life

Stress can kill you, and that’s as true as anything you’ll hear. There are things in life we just cannot control and why worry about them? Worrying and stressing out only adds stress on your blood vessels, your heart and reduces the ability of your immune system to react to infection. As a result, your body will reflect the stress in your skin, weight management, your organ function and other tissues. Do yourself a big favor and don’t sweat it.

Change What You Can

Nonsurgical options can fix any moderate signs of aging you see in your skin we have at Coastal Plains Surgical Care. We don’t want you to stress, so why not take care of it? Men and women can opt for noninvasive anti-aging injectables, dermal fillers and laser treatments to restore lost volume in the face and replenish collagen and elastin fibers to restructure the skin. The effects with these injectables are almost immediate and last for 4-12 months.

Everything in Moderation, Especially Food

Enjoy everything you can, but just enough and don’t overdo it. To maintain a healthy body and youthful appearance, it’s best to feed your body well and treat it right. If you don’t get the right nutrients and hydrate, your body will not function well. Balance.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The only way we ever learn to be happy is to try new things and challenge ourselves each day. If you feel stagnant at any point in your life, it means you need to branch out. Experimenting with new hobbies, activities, new friends, and experiences will help you get out of your monotonous routine. Spice it up and ignite the fire inside.

Get Enough Sleep!

Most people average get six hours of sleep, and that isn’t sufficient. Try your best to rearrange your schedule so that you can work in eight hours of sleep nightly; your body will thank you as it replenishes energy during REM and performs the necessary metabolic processes to repair your cells as you sleep.

Be Active

Exercise is the best way to reinvigorate your cells and ensure you’re immune system is at its best. The more you move each day, the more your body strengthens its muscles, retains the best range of motion, and you can avoid joint issues. You can also maintain a healthier weight over time, increase blood flow and allow oxygen to boost your cellular repair mechanisms.

Use Sunscreen and Proper Skin Care Products!

Many of the patients we see have sun damage in their skin which makes the skin look leathery and produces age spots and premature wrinkles. Save your skin from photo-damage and wear sunscreen. It’s also important that you retain a healthy, custom skin care regimen to address all of your skin conditions such as hydration and loose skin.

Stay happy and healthy with these tips and rejuvenating skin care treatments at Coastal Plains Surgical Care. Call us at (361) 354-2832 to schedule your appointment today.