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Perfect Fall Workout Activities

Perfect Fall Workout Activities

With the changing seasons, everyone wants to know what the latest workout trends are and how they can get ahead of the next season. At Coastal Plains Surgical Care, we put together a list of these trending workouts for our clients to help them get started. After all, it’s fall, and that means no more bikini stress, but that doesn’t mean what you start covering up is forgotten. What fall means for you is that you keep the curtain drawn until it’s time for the big reveal, come spring. We want you to shine on every season, not just when the weather prompts you to peel off a few layers. When you’re in shape, your confidence levels skyrocket, your skinny jeans fit better, and you accomplish more. Every cosmetic procedure we provide builds on confidence and positivity.

Try out these perfect fall workout activities with us:

  • Stair Stepping
    Sounds little like something out of a Salt-N-Pepa video right? I mean, these workouts are best if you just push it a little harder (winky face). But stair stepping is a great way to engage all of your muscle groups and break a serious sweat. The best part about it is that you can do these anywhere you’ve got a set of stairs or within a dedicated stair stepping class using step platforms or a StairMaster. Walking up stairs requires you to use your glutes, hamstrings, calves, and your abdominal muscles for support. If you didn’t have a solid core before these workouts, then you will. The reason we love this one for fall is that you can do it inside where the weather is a bit warmer and your muscles won’t feel stiff or rigid as you warm up.
  • Dancing
    This workout isn’t just for celebs on Dancing With the Stars; you can join in on the fun. For the most creative people we know, dancing provides an outlet that gets you moving without thinking too much about the workout part. Music can inspire us to move our body and exercise muscle groups in every area including our arms, shoulders, back, legs, butt and tummy. So turn up the volume and turn up the heat. Did you know that a one-hour dancing session can burn up to 450 calories? That’s insane, right?
  • Lunges, Strength and Weight Training
    If you’re into some serious leg workouts, lunges can get to all your leg muscles and strengthen your core while supporting your balance skills. We love pyramid lunge exercises the best, where you start at ten lunges per leg and work your way down to one each side. You will feel this one the next day, for sure. If you want to build up to this set of exercises, we encourage the use of strength training to help you which can work all of your muscle groups so that you can increase your muscle activity and weight bearing as you continue on your fall workout journey. Now we know many of you are scared of weighted workouts, but you don’t have to be, and you don’t bulk up doing them—trust us. Weight training is an excellent way to burn fat, increase strength in your arms, legs and core. Start small, and build up to it with kettlebells or weighted squats.

Now you have no excuse for snuggling up on the couch this fall with these fall workout activities above. If you feel like you might need some instruction to get you started, we recommend that you explore what Beeville’s fitness gyms.

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