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Excessive Sweating is “the Pits”!

It has been a very hot summer so far, and we know that it can be a struggle coordinating your outfit every day with the heat in mind. Different fabrics and colors show off your sweat, and no one has time for midday pit stains!

The problem with excessive sweating under the arms is that for most people affected by the condition, it is not exclusive to extreme weather. Any kind of warmth or humidity in the air can trigger this sweat and cause embarrassment, shyness and the desire to avoid situations that might expose them. Clinical-strength deodorant may appease the condition temporarily, but we have a solution that can do much better.

What is ThermiDry?

ThermiDry is part of the Thermi family of treatments, designed to relieve you of your underarm sweat permanently. Whereas previously, you would have to opt for expensive laser treatments or Botox injections that have to be repeated periodically, ThermiDry gives you a solution to irritating underarm sweat forever. Ditch your expensive deodorant (although not deodorant completely) and choose a treatment that disables axillary sweat glands for good.

About the Procedure

Under local anesthesia, you will be treated with an injectable tool that sends controlled heating under the skin. This thermal energy is used to disable overactive sweat glands and leave you dry all summer long. The ThermiDry tool is safe for your skin, as the probe provides constant monitoring of your skin temperature as well as the temperature of the tool itself throughout the treatment.

The best part about the ThermiDry procedure is that you will notice results right away! Whether your next event is a summertime wedding or just a backyard barbecue, you will be ready to mingle and dance the night away without fear of embarrassing stains haunting you.

No Pain, No Downtime

ThermiDry is performed under local anesthetic for your comfort and to ensure the procedure is completely painless. Local anesthesia only affects the treated area, so you do not have to wait for sedative to wear off following the procedure. You can actually return to your day as if you had come in for a check-up!

There is no downtime or recovery associated with the ThermiDry treatment. You will be able to enjoy comfort and dry skin under your arms immediately after you leave our offices. How’s that for quick and easy?

A One-Time Procedure

As mentioned before, ThermiDry is the only procedure on the market right now that gives you guaranteed results in only one treatment. Laser therapy and Botox both require upkeep and returning for follow-up appointments periodically. With ThermiDry, you can invest in one, affordable treatment that will last you a lifetime of choosing what you wear no matter the season!

To learn more about ThermiDry, contact Coastal Plains Surgical Care today. We are Beeville’s go-to destination for Thermi treatments and offer quality care and results to all of our patients. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your ThermiDry appointment, call us today: (361) 354-2832.